AG-CO Medium Storage Shed Cupola w/ Weathervane


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Use our AG-CO medium sized cupola to add ventilation and an attractive style to your new wood shed. Our medium cupola is perfect for any size wood storage shed we carry.

Measurements: 22″W x 22″D x 34″H

Select Colors and Weathervane Options at bottom of page.


  • Adds ventilation to your shed
  • Enhances the look of your new building
  • Many options for colors; make base and top different colors to match your shed
  • Constructed of lightweight high density polyethylene plastics
  • Weathervane is handcrafted from 14 gauge laser-cut steel
  • 3 weathervane designs to choose from; select below
  • Never rusts, rots or decays
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy, quick installation


Our economical and efficient design installs far more quickly and easily than any other cupola. Most cupolas have more than 30 pieces, ours has only two. Just cut along the molded in roof pitch guide that matches your roof, secure the base, and attach the top.

Color Options (select at bottom of page)
Shed Cupola Color Options

Weathervane Options (select at bottom of page)
Shed Cupola Weathervane Options

Optional Item (not included, add below):

Shed Cupola Lighting Option

Light up your new shed cupola with our light kit! A photo sensor automatically illuminates the cupola at night time! Use of an extended life light bulb is recommended. Recommended wattage: Model 220 – 60W bulb
NOTE: this cupola fits up to an 8/12 roof pitch. Some of our sheds have a 10/12 pitch roof and this cupola will only fit if customer builds up under the base. Examples of these sheds are Best Barns Arlington, Belmont, Geneva, Glenwood and Hampton.


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